Executive Directors

Michael Blandy : Chairman of Blandy’s since 2001
“The Group needed to change and this process started during my brother Richard's chairmanship, our ambition being to make a dynamic, modern and forward thinking group yet with a proud history of some 200 years. The Group benefits from the traditional strengths of a family company and has a proven ability to take a long-term view when appropriate. We have been successful in creating joint ventures, because of our proven track record in Portugal and Spain and in part because of our culture of openness and straight dealing. Nothing can remain static in the group and we continually move our thinking forward and in this way adapt to the changing economic circumstances we face. I believe that with our chosen core business the Group is well positioned to take advantage of the future.”
Philip Wiles : CFO 
Philip joined Blandy’s in 2005 as Finance Director for Portugal and was appointed CFO in 2006.
"The strengths of Blandy´s 200 Year traditions are clearly evident both in our business culture and our balance sheet. In addition to maintaining strong connections to our roots in Madeira, the Group´s strengths are now being leveraged through key strategic partnerships which are expanding into wider areas. The challenge for the current team is to ensure the strengths of 200 Years of tradition are not only maintained but built upon and enhanced through this expansion.
José Bettencourt da Câmara : CEO Media Division
José joined Diário de Notícias da Madeira in 1984 as General Manager and was Editor from January 1994 until October 2005. He was appointed a Group Board Member in November 2005.
”We represent the largest Media Group in the region, and we have over the last 20 years implemented an active development of the Díario from lead based printing to the current digital era. The Group has provided the necessary conditions to allow for an Independent Newspaper providing the Madeiran community with unbiased, rigorous and a responsible source of information.
The Diário is part of the region’s history and future, and the challenge I have is to lead the Group’s Media Division so that the strengths of today are still with us for the next generation.”
Christopher Blandy : CEO Travel & Shipping Division
Chris joined the Group in March 2007 after having worked for 2 years at the Willard InterContinental in Washington DC and before that with the Symington Family Estate in Porto. Chris became the Managing Director of the Travel and Shipping Division in 2010 and a full member of the Blandy Group board at the end of 2010.
He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Madeira Wine Company and plays an active role in the commercial and PR aspects of the company, focusing particularly on the company’s main brand, Blandy’s Madeira.
“Having taken over the responsibility in the group for the 2 divisions, the reality of today’s market has implied a re-structuring and a re-positioning in all areas, allowing the companies to be in a strong position today and for the future. Continual innovation, and premium products and services are the keys for success in the future.”

Non Executive Directors

Adam Blandy
Adam Blandy became Chairman of the Group soon after the Portuguese revolution of 1974 and retired in 1985.
“During the revolution, the Group faced many challenges, - notably the control and maintenance of Reid’s Hotel and the closure of the Electronics Assembly Division. Both these businesses employed a considerable workforce that was severely disrupted by union demands and actions taken by extremists. Being a family company, with loyal management and a strong ethical approach to business, enabled us to hold steady against the rising tide. In the years that followed the revolution decisions were taken to concentrate on core business areas and give the Group a new focus, which is the driving force behind the Group today.”