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Blandy’s involvement in the Madeira flour and milling industry goes back to the mid 1800’s, when a trade investment was made in a flour milling company. Following the end of WWI and the start of the 1930’s recession flour milling became very contentious and various millers amalgamated their interests into CIM, later to become Insular. In 1992 Insular invested in a new factory premises in the Zona Franca da Madeira (Duty Free Zone), which included the building of custom made silos to allow the direct loading of grains from supply ships. Today, Insular apart from milling wheat and maize is the major wholesaler, supplying 98% of the flour market to the hotel trade and specialist bakers. It also makes its own brand of pasta and biscuits and has expanded its retail operation into supplying food products closely linked to pasta, such as olive oil.

Plataforma 11, Zona Franca Industrial do Caniçal
Zona Franca Industrial
9200-047 Funchal
Tel: (+351) 291 969 280
Fax: (+351 291 960 140
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