Unique experiences in San Francisco and New York

200 Years Celebrations of the establishment of Blandy's Madeira Wine in Madeira since 1811

San Francisco and New York were the chosen locations for two memorable tastings on the 22nd and 24th of March 2011. Some of Blandy's most unique and emblematic dated Madeira Wines were presented spanning 7 generations and 183 years. Blandy's Madeira is the Blandy Group's oldest company represented in 50 countries.

Quoting Ricardo Tavares, Blandy's sales director: 'The objective of these tastings, was to promote the sales of Madeira Wine in a strategic market of great value where demand exists for high quality premium wines and a fabulous opportunity for growth for Blandy's Madeira in this strategic market. Both tastings were targeted towards Press both specialised and generalistic, with the presence of industry personalities and specialised media.'

Michael Blandy delivered a retrospective summary of the Blandy family and Blandy's Madeira Wine, whilst Chris Blandy spoke about the unprecedented group of 15 Blandy's wines which date back to 1811 including:  Malmsey 1994 Colheita, Malmsey 1985, Terrantez 1976, Sercial 1966, Bastardo 1954, Malmsey 1954, Sercial 1950, Bual 1948, Bual 1920, Sercial 1910, Terrantez 1899, Terrantez 1870, Bual 1863, Verdelho 1822 and a Bual Solera of 1811.


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